“I think the CYA product is a no-brainer; it holds great value for a one-time fee, creating overall peace of mind for our customers.”

Taylor Sumser, Service Advisor, Bridgewater KIA, NJ

“Don’t wait another second to add this amenity to your store. If you’ve laid the foundation of making it easy for your clients to do business with you, CYA is yet another tool that will provide value to both your organization and your clients. We had many clients in the past who have had accidents with our loaners and felt that since their insurance is covering the repair of the vehicle, why should they have to pay their deductible for a vehicle they do not own. This coverage now gives you the ability of providing a peace of mind to your clients and change the narrative of them having to pay their deductible. Our clients have said purchasing the CYA insurance puts them at ease while using our loaner vehicles.  It also increases employee satisfaction, as this is another product they can sell that puts more money in their pocket with CYA’s built in incentive program.”

Anthony Christiano, Service & Parts Director, Mercedes Benz Of Goldens Bridge, NY

“Being with BMW for over 12 years. I can assure you CYA really is an “Asset” to any company. I personally deal with all the loaner cars that are returned with damage. For many years, I have had to deal with the clients who are returning the loaner cars not wanting to be responsible for their deductible. When offering it to the clients, I can just tell they seem surprised at first but after explaining the program and its benefits it truly is hard for them to say no.  Since the day we started offering CYA Deductible coverage, I have noticed that our clients leave our dealership in the loaner vehicle at ease.  You truly have nothing to lose. On many occasions it may not even be their fault. No worries, return the vehicle at no cost to you, let us handle the rest.

Jocelyn Cedano, Business Development Manager, BMW of Springfield, NJ

“At first, I wasn’t sure whether the CYA concept would make any sense or be of benefit to any of our clients. I assumed no one would take the coverage. However I was quite surprised to see how many people appreciated the peace of mind of not having to come out of pocket to pay their deductible. But most of all how many people are actually regretting not purchasing this valuable insurance. We now have clients who come in and ask for the insurance before we have the opportunity to offer it to them.”

Destiny Dozier, Service/Loaner Front Desk, BWM of Springfield, NJ